thank you St Chads Road

With lock down I am appreciating just what lovely neighbours I have. Everyone has asked how things are and we are all taking care of one another like a big family. I have no regrets moving to Blackpool. My heart is here for the time being. I feel very much at home in all ways. No road is smooth – I had a few bad situations but much more good ones. The other businesses on this street accept me for who I am. I shout. I complain – I say it how I feel and they get that – we are all so different and that’s what I love – the variety. It’s a first to be honest in terms of community – I feel absolutely accepted instead of like an outsider. Love it or hate it. I want to be here. I love the UK. I don’t like flying, I feel sick on boats. Love trains, vans and buses. But in Blackpool I have the tram which is my favourite. Recent events have brought us so much closer together. Just want to say I have made us all wax melts. Ask and I will put more through doors. They’re free. Am making my own range of natural candles too when I learn the logistics. Really excited about the future too – Must stick to plans – come from my creative passions. Buddy is at the vets right now. Poor little fella. His short life so far has experienced just about every emotion. Going to spoil him rotten later on. Hopefully he will have calmed down with his need to hump teddy bears. I am enjoying this time. Love to ALL. Tiff. X