The Cheeky Ones having Fun on Bin Day – Seagulls by Tiffany Belle Harper,

Look at these beautiful creatures. Each has their own personality. They soar across the skies hunting in packs for food. They share their discoveries. They call one another to eat our waste. Observe how some of these bin liners have been thrown out for the bin people in flimsy bags. Seagulls really do believe they are our friends and when they take food they think we are here to share with them because they share with one another. I have reared baby gulls that have fallen from their nests and the elders have never attacked me. They trust I care and I do not wish to harm them. They return to thank me and they drop shells in the yard. They watch over the houses of their friends. They’re just beautiful little things. How anyone can hate the gulls I will never understand. They are hilariously entertaining, constantly nattering and always on adventures. I do not know what I would do without them in our lives.

Tiff. X