Essential Oils for Candles and Soaps – few useful tips by Tiffany Belle Harper

We can use essential oils in burners or misters. We can use them diluted for well-being and health. Each has their own unique smell and own properties. I believe it’s  often what we are drawn to – at the moment I love sandal-wood or cedar-wood which connect us with the higher energies – also we get that floaty forest feeling. I always mist during the evening and when I have guests I mist lavender in the hallways to promote relaxation. Yet essential oils should not be taken lightly. They have powerful influence over mind, body and soul. So it’s worth doing a bit of research before using – in particular diluting. I developed a really sore nose. It was during the time I was crafting and burning a lot of handmade candles at once – I realised I was perhaps putting in too much scent or being exposed to a production line of constant highly concentrated substances? Although none of the products are tested on animals there are chemical traces in some of the aroma’s, as like perfume. So although I am fine burning the melts and they are just exquisite –  I have decided to make a new range of soya wax, holistic candles using all natural ingredients to include fine grain sand from the beach, crushed crystals and tiny shells. It’s work in progress and they will be used around the hotels and as little pillow gifts.

I have been doing quite a lot of research so thought I would share this guide for those other aspiring candle maker and/or soap makers out there etc. It’s a lovely hobby. I would suggest using about 5% of essential oils to the melted wax. So if you melt 100 ml of wax use 5 ml drops to start with. Make only small amounts until you have found the right scent strength to work for you and your rooms. I start with burning the wax melts (with a burner and tealight) in common areas before putting in smaller rooms i.e. bedrooms. You can even use Olbas oil or Eucalyptus in the melts to help with breathing and irregular sleep patterns. I have friends who use only essential oils as perfume, blended with almond or coconut oil. Have a play – see what works. There’s an alchemist in all of us. There’s loads more oils than listed below but these tend to be the most popular and of course, you can mix and match. Remember to blend with Almond Oil or a natural carrier oil before applying to skin and never use concentrated for anything medicinal. Check contraindications for each one. Although for candles no dilution is necessary.

Another tip for crafters, remember to save glass jars and bottles for reuse for things such as jam or salad dressings. It really comes in useful. I love blackcurrant jam so have decided to make my own batch …. can I find blackcurrants … no! But I am saving jars for when they are in season. If anyone has any blackcurrants could I please have some!

Tiff. X