Setting up a Small Biz – Friendship by Tiffany Belle Harper

We are going in literally ten minutes for our daily exercise so this is rushed but if I don’t write it now I won’t bother later. Setting up a small biz for the future in this current ‘climate’ is terrifying on all levels. It is fine for those who are financially stable to give a bit of sarcasm or press for a laugh out of the survivors trying to make something of their futures. But I tell anyone thinking about setting up your small biz, focus on friends/colleagues and family who will support you in spirit and encouragement. A tangible real life biz is going to expand well by word of mouth. When I was at my busiest I didn’t have time to go online but now it is all we have and for those not used to networking it’s daunting. A lot of my guests/customers are not even on the internet. So we are appealing to a different kind of person. But remember a lot are having to resort to the web market for now, anyway but don’t worry I believe things will get better. The web is good for testimonials and recommendations when we become established. Online promotion is good to engage customers or offer discounts/promos etc. But don’t give up your small steps in the now – it can be tough.

The real love around you will be there to hold you up and support your morale. It is also a good way to find out who your real support is and don’t be disappointed if it’s not the people you have given your free time and kudos to – expect nothing and you will never be disappointed. Be strong and keep going. Break away from the negative and stay with those that really do want to see you shine. Get help (as I have) with social media if you struggle with concentration – find out if your fiends have a bit of spare time to give you support. Time will prove your efforts if you stay close to your goals and remember, less is more. Put yourself first. And when you do well the people you love most will benefit. Anyone trying to undermine you now will not be there for you tomorrow or the next day … remember that. We find out during these terribly difficult times what to let go of most. And new doors open – new opportunities – new people who have similar focus or are inspired by yours. It’s all in the real world that lives in the future. Patience is a virtue. Be good to yourselves.

Tiff. X