Therapeutic Melts and Pots – Cedar Wood and Spearmint by Tiffany Belle Harper

So today we pottered and I got to make a new line of wax melts, that’s a while over due. There’s been quite a lot going on … I have to be in the mood to craft and it’s usually when I should be doing 100 other things. I really want to throw myself into this new hobby but I do have other stuff going on, so it’s a bit of a juggling act.

I used a different soya wax today, it’s much softer and reached 90 degrees faster that I expected – got up to about 110 – way too high. I actually had to cool it down to 90 degrees quite quickly by adding more wax flakes to ensure it set right. Then I added a secret amount of cedar wood and spearmint. Spearmint can be over bearing if used to liberally. The colouring is plant based. Each little pot has a scattering of crystal shavings and a sprinkle of eco glitter, so when they begin to melt the magic stuff at the bottom of each little pot becomes visible.

Then I crafted some divine little melts using the rubber moulds. The texture was so soft I have actually tried the finished product as lip gloss and it works. Tastes fine and smells beautiful – soft pink with a shimmer of glitter. As all ingredients are 100% natural, I felt confident to do this, as there is only a small amount of essential oil in each melt. I will return to show you one of the little pots melting but first I do prefer to let them settle for a couple of weeks. To let the oils contrast to perfection with the soya. Feeling chuffed. Who wouldn’t be.

These really are for gifts and work but I would sell them in quantities of over 100 to business and personal, as then each batch is consistent and each melt would smell the same. Each batch is unique. If you want some fine. You would be welcome to retail them too. I can make various melts for different moods and ambience around the home and also to promote well being and mental state.


Tiff. X