Busy Bee … by Tiffany Belle Harper

This week been here and there with things, it’s been beautiful so far – please continue happy vibes! I have crafted the sweetest little melts. I did not realise you can actually up-cycle used wax too if you keep to certain temperatures. So these are actually up-cycled melts! I have been oggling my prints, they were very affordable. With hospitality it is not always about expenditure … as things can so easily get damaged or lost, but more so just working with the colours and genres you like without worrying too much. Completely, madly, truly in love …is all I want to say right now! And happy birthday to the lovely Jeremy Corbyn – I am not savvy with politics these days – the news and media got me in a dark place which is not ideal with all the problems people already face in the real world … We hope your day is filled with love Jeremy, your family and nice food, your garden. Oh and I found a secret garden near Lytham where the two elderly volunteers gave me some mint so I made some mint sauce and then I made up yet more lemon barley water with pearl barley, honey and lemon. Been nesting aswell but more on that in a good few months.

Tiff. X