hypocrisy of the elite fakers – Social Media and Fake Popularity

I don’t know how those in a financially privileged position can shame small businesses just because they spend a few pounds (or whatever currency) on a social media post to help share their business niche. In Blackpool there are almost 900 outlets to stay over night so it’s fiercely competitive and to shave out the good from the exceptionally bad which gives Blackpool a bad name many of us will promote a post here and there. I often promote this way and my budget is £2 to £4 a time which really is worth it. I don’t like algorithms because they can be used to set fame above talent but the moral here is we have bills to pay and our posts are sincere backed up by customer opportunities to share their findings which may be good or bad, they have freedom.

But for some of these celebrities to endorse huge followings and popularity that are as a result of buying outside of Facebook and Twitter for instance, in turn affecting the algorithm with fake news and media, is just ego. If you click on any celebrity or ‘top’ influencer via Facebook and then click to the right of their page you will see an option that says ‘page transparency’. This will list the users who have access to that page. You may see sporadic countries representing a page that the influencer has no public connection with, this is where they have paid for ads from Google promos to buy fake followers, likes and shares that are not real. This is fake media and fake advertising and this shit affects natural algorithms. You can buy thousands of likes and shares that will appear authentic and super inflate popularity that is not true but created by automated bots. So don’t be put off by doing things the right way. Your business puts food on your table – a fame obsessed numpty doesn’t give a shit about whether you will eat that day or not.

I once had a stalker on the internet –  one that I challenged with a tweet stating a few truthful facts, he had millions of followers, so he posted a reply to my tweet, then paid to have that reply promoted to make me look insignificant which I already am on social media – thank god – less is more. It was a small account promoting a blog with about 30 followers – to suddenly get 900 likes in favour of the sado as a result, responding with his usual bombastic, almighty Hitler style dictation to those without a voice who resent and hate him just as much as we do. Him and his equally demented partner, eventually got my account closed down, despite the ‘odd couple’ regarded by those who know me, as ‘extreme bullies attacking (me) a then single mum and volunteer’ with an unhealthy obsession to destroy me, my work and life. Their joy to see how quickly they could break me. I was vulnerable then and it went on for years. They are almost 60 now and much of their life is operated via Twitter. I find this very sad and I do feel some empathy, as how tragic to live such a short and beautiful life that way.

I don’t give a shit about media pressure these days because I get up and I live in my real world but at that time I was suffering extreme hardship, that’s what got him off and that’s the crap many want to believe. Remember, it’s what we do for ourselves and our own purpose that gives us real value, not what we get dragged into by means of psychopathic and/or sadistic intent.

Below is an example of a famous ‘random’ American Person I have used as an example. A lot of people manage this page of a sole performer? No … what this is showing is where the bots are managed from. It’s one of the fastest growing industries on earth and not real. We are being fed lies and it is a problem not being addressed. You can basically buy fame. No wonder kids can often feel overwhelmed on social media. We as grown ups don’t lead a very good example of freedom and equality do we. An hour a day keeps the nutters away. That’s enough for social media – if you are looking for some kind of normality rub your toes through soil or let sand pour through your fingers.

Now have fun, search for your favourite online icons and look at where their pages are managed from. They are probably spending a small fortune on these promotions that are supposed to be banned from media platforms and all that money they are spending on their dated views could go to the charities and causes they want you to donate towards. Let them dig deep. Don’t be put off or feel undermined by people you never want to meet or that make you feel your life is not worth living. The web can be a joyous experience if you focus on what makes you feel good about your day and seek out genuine people not fake attention seekers. They need therapy. Remember most people are good too. It’s just the odd few that spoil it for everyone else. One day all the faking will come out in the wash. And the public will realise they have read, paid into and adorned one big lie.

Tiff. X