As Minneapolis burns Rioters question who is leaving pallets of bricks in the middle of riot zones – Guest Video

I believe mainstream media is provoking hatred and protest. I believe the black community and comrades of the black community are being exploited to spread violence and revenge to create bad public view point and chaos across world news.

I believe the sincerity of the recent spate of media black murders to be disgusting and vile – innocent people killed by bigots. But I also believe this is not a new or recent wave of racism. It has always taken place.

I believe there are crisis actors on the streets of the USA fuelling the fire and also I believe tools and weapons are being planted on the streets for protesters (who are obviously angry) to use in this time of isolation, where a combination of anger and hot weather is creating a sense of confusion and chaos. Anarchy brings people together and is different to activism.

I believe the blacks of America are being exploited and used as puppets. That by looting and burning they are playing into the hands of news channels who want something to divert away from the pandemic and towards mainstream media agenda. Children in particular should not be on those streets. Keep them home and for God’s Sake keep them safe. There is a clash between Fox News and CNN News – both having their own agenda and the protesters are their puppets. Not everyone wants to protest aggressively following extreme murder that should be accounted for in such a way the guilty should face the stiffest punishment possible and not the innocent who want justice for their brothers and sisters.

REMEMBER THIS. The rich get richer on the back of poverty. There will be those who will always try to divide and conquer. I know only too well.

Tiffany Belle Harper.