Sunday sharing – happy solstice – candles – nature #diary

Last year my mobile was stolen from by my bed, I got used to this type of thing – but what I can never replace are the pictures in it. An entire year of memories. I have learned to lock the back door and my flat door, claiming our own space.  At the time I was so disorganised. I have a lot of pictures to sort out. My eldest son has started drawing once more. I am pleased. Being in isolation can be so soul searching. I got a day out at The Lakes with Marc and Nathan. We did have a lovely time. Been working in The Nester. I cannot rush this as I have not put a plan in action. It’s not about anything other than feeling right for me and those I love. It will come together organically … just like everything else we do.

My birthday was nice this year. I was not expecting any type of celebration. Many of my neighbours said hello which was so lovely and a lot of my old friends found me on a little private Facebook I set up, so I could manage the business accounts from it. I didn’t know until the day after when Marc told me I had messages. I felt quite emotional as it bought back some beautiful memories of my more spiritually enhanced days – days when I lived totally in the moment. I am hoping the girls will come and do some workshops with me. They are just fantastic women. Also Janet Alleyne is going to host a baking weekend hopefully in September. I really want this to happen. It will be an all inclusive weekend in Blackpool. Going to give my dad another quick call as this morning I was doing ten other things. I want to make sure he is okay. I have to visit my parents and eldest son very soon. I have not seen them for months. I want to get away for a bit. Tiff. X