Get up – Get Dressed – be Thankful – Smile

Coming out of a complete lock down – time where we have our own self to contemplate … and then returning to work is not easy, especially when you run your own business. To be positive on social media, take care of guests and sort out all the financials is like juggling china cups. The best bit for me is actually spending time getting to know my guests. Each has their own story and I try to listen. We make new friends or we learn new lessons. We see who is there to support us most.

We have other issues such as rivalry or simple ‘resentment’ that is more abrasive for empaths to deal with. But I tell myself what would I be without a cause, a reason to continue. It’s not about popularity or success in terms of being bigger and better, it is about feeling wholesome as an individual. And that matters.

Throughout this lock down I have still found work for others, I have paid my rent on time and made the most of what I have. It is not easy for any of us – but we are lucky to be alive. I see those doing so much more, especially volunteers and I feel humble and so thankful.

Tiff. X