non faith humans

Your ideal worlds may be in your head. Because if the entire human population became ‘authentically and truly’ vegan, beyond ‘the predominantly ‘champagne socialists’ we would all be only benefiting from man made goods. In ‘man’ I refer to ‘human’ as not to offend the  many minorities. The idealogy that being vegan helps animals, is not as useful as sustaining the completely natural food chain – as after all – the rest of other species are a blend between carnivore and herbivore. Dignity in purpose and respect for sacrifice without unnecessary suffering. It is all about ‘common sense’ not perfectly decise grammar due to spending and escaping times most precious moments in books and regurtitating what you describe to yourself (not a real empath) can only be termed as ‘dillusional’. Most internet trolls are kids who come up for air during gaming – their heads being in their gadgets instead of education and purpose. Most problems with the world are fake illusions and boredom. Nobody needs to escape from anywhere. It is all on your own doorstep if you take time to enjoy your own space. And for all the dumb asses that wait for an opportunity to get off on blaming everyone else for their own shortfalls – you’re time will come in another life as you are screwing up this one with your acts of revenge. To detract the energy of those inflicted by or with jealousy and greed bringing misery to those earning an honest and humble way. We are no other’s slave. You do what ‘you’ need to be true to your goals. You pick up litter even if it is not your own. We teach by showing a better way – we do not learn by being bitter and negative.

Tiffany. X