An Empath Loves for Worry

A few close friends this week have had things go wrong in one way or another. Being an empath means never feeling totally happy about life, because there is always someone worse off. My most loved ones are indeed empaths. I want to send love to Janet (a wonderful part of my heart) and to another friend whose doggy lost its only born puppy at the weekend. To my mum who has an abscess on her back that has to be re-dressed and packed with seaweed every other day. She nurses my dad too. He gets up and digs the garden, despite falling over on a regular basis. I worry for my kids. I want them to have a good future.

Yesterday a gentlemen should have come here to collect a pile of things I put together for his forthcoming home – he’s homeless. He didn’t turn up and you have to make allowances as the road to recovery has many set-backs. We cannot push people to make decisions. Every journey is unique.

Today I drove past Amazing Graze and he was sat on the doorstep. After a brief conversation it transpired he could not get a lift to pick up the keys to his new home. I took him to the agents to collect them. We then returned to my place to get his parcels I had prepared, such like bedding, towels, plates, a teapot etc … ahead of making our way to his new home. It was a first floor studio in an old neglected, dirty building.

The place was left filthy and it smelt stagnant. The busiest part of town – a one way street near to a chaotic junction. But to me it was beautiful. It was a roof with walls – just needing a clean, some TLC. It bought back memories, though not good ones – I told the man, ‘great things come when we are faced with challenges.’ ‘To not fear change or new beginnings.’

I don’t enjoy blogging here anymore – it takes a lot of courage – where as I used to be nomadic – I now prefer ‘private’ with my lifestyle as in my real world there’s adventure, the seaside and friendship, to include a baby seagull. There’s never any peace. Such is life. We’re a long time dead. Embrace each day and don’t fear change. For it is change that will teach you much. Tiff. X