FAO: Rishi Sunak and GOV.UK Please Take ACTION ** HSBC wins award despite gross chaos behind the scenes

Thousands of UK small businesses applied for the bounce back loan offered by Gov.UK to support them through difficult times as a result of the current pandemic and the effect it has had on ‘small businesses’ in particular. I myself know many people who have applied for the loan that was made available from May 4th 2020 – And thousands of applicants who applied from May 4th 2020 are still waiting for the loan for which they are entitled to with instant relief offered by GOV.UK.

The HSBC have used a company owned by Adobe called Echo Sign where the applicants are sent a digital form to release the funds available to them. Yet applicants are being told there is no way to track the loan process as when this loan facility was put into place the HSBC were so inundated they did not have the capacity to fulfill the applications in an orderly and reasonable manner with a systematic plan in place. I have been told this by staff members during my enquiries by phone to the bank on behalf of applicants. Therefore many businesses have now gone ‘out of business’. The HSBC do not feel any remorse or need to justify this. They are spreading a negative sheet of ambition and success to those who want a future in their specialities and work passion without any need to justify their mass destruction of employment right across the UK. This must change and quickly.

The HSBC are also taking applications from non customers to their bank as well as their own clients. Yet they feel it is acceptable to brag about winning an award despite being responsible for incredible loss to so many who are struggling through these times. The HSBC are responsible for ruining lives and creating mass poverty. Not to mention the many now without homes and suffering mental health problems due to losing everything. I urge GOV.UK to investigate this negligence before allowing the HSBC to receive a fake award. The award they truly deserve being only – negligence – hardship to business owners and misconduct where as until recently, despite not being able to fulfill bounce back loans at a reasonable pace (within 4 weeks) they continued to offer loan applications to every business via their website – knowing they had a back log of angry participants in the bounce back scheme. Imagine how these victims will feel when they see the HSBC hold up an award during such tragic events.

The HSBC must face the recompense with immediate effect. And the HSBC should not have been authorised to handle these loans without any form of system in place to ensure the process works efficiently enough to save these small businesses.

This is a gross travesty that breaches all forms of compassion and progress right across the board of the working class with a will to succeed in business. This must be corrected for those that are now facing austerity and will face austerity because of the HSBC Bank and their handling of the bounce back facility. For more info search the web. HSBC bounce back loan. Search social media. Find the mayhem and heartache they have instigated without any thought or care for their victims.

This is NOT how money should be handled in the 21st century by any bank.

To recap, the HSBC were given a task to help those suffering the consequences of this current state of affairs during difficult times and they have used this opportunity to create their own agenda. This is the work of the devil. No more! The HSBC Bank are a power engine of finance with no sense of empathy for those who the bounce back loan was intended for. Justice is needed. I urge Rishi Sunak to please address this and demand HSBC be investigated with immediate effect on behalf of those who have lost everything due to the negligence of this bank. I have to go and cook breakfast for my guests so I leave it with GOV.UK to implement this request. It’s too late for many but let’s hope we can salvage something from this corrupt situation.