Forgive Yourself and Change – Let Magic come Organically

The only other place I have experienced such energy is The Tor at Glastonbury after climbing to the top many moons ago. It is said The Tor will show us who we really are and on my arrival to the peak of the hill after a slow and very muddy ramble, I felt great peace and yet unknown challenge ahead. I shall return. Somerset is where I will grow old to my death. It’s in place. Enlightened the plight of Dion Fortune. Her book for which I read whilst lodging in Wells.

I don’t live in a material mindset as this type of value can take presidency over the reality of purpose. But there is an equilibrium where we need money to get by or at least food and a roof over our head. Yet it is unsure to me why any human would enjoy to hoard money for no intent or purpose other than to be on a rich list?

This pandemic has bought the reality out in most of us. While some ‘disappointingly’ think, ‘how can I use this situation to get the best out of this possible for my own recognition,’ others take solace towards the less fortunate and reach out to work in teams and infrastructure, or just to offer solid support within community situations. Either way it’s brought more people so much closer together. When we have our basic privileges taken from us, we appreciate the simple things so much more. Such like going out for a good cup of coffee or noticing a child’s smile as we queue for a table.

It’s always disappointing to notice a small majority take pleasure and advantage in those who struggle and often in such a back handed, egotistical way. Empaths will notice this more. But what we must do during our biggest battles is see this as our opportunity to climb to the next lesson in the higher order. To leave the dead skin behind and not fear change. Variety makes our souls dance. Routine is very different to stability. For a true and clarified pathway only comes with great sacrifice and change.

However we may be forced to contemplate our perception of others, bear in mind nobody has the perfect life or circumstances. If that can ever be possible then the recipient of such treasure is not embarking on the true journey of their soul purpose. We can’t run away or hide from our life lessons as it is these lessons that define us as an ever-growing vessel of change and objective.

My life now for which I have chosen is one (for now) of fixed address, where of course I must be more cautious of how much I choose to share, because with (human nature) not everyone wants the best for another. There will be those who have resentment, anger, inner turmoil, who wish to land that baggage on to the lap of another. But when we reflect on such acts of hate, it is the very individuals who send such negativity that need help most. Despite how they often appear on the outside, their resentment towards another is a denial of their own antipathy within themselves.

When things don’t go according to plan during our life purpose there is always a reason and that reason lies within our own education of how to avoid this cycle of chaos repeating itself over and over again. We can almost create an ‘alter ego’ using the web platform where we grow to believe we are the person we claim as our own identity. But really, it is as much important and clearly more so if you so desire to have two personas to do something on the same line of your keyboard identity in the real world too.

I used to be so frustrated with the entire ‘bully’ culture. Those who use their time and energy to seek revenge on others in ways that are often difficult for the ‘victim’ to defend themselves. A few people I care about have over the years removed themselves from the online platform entirely because of this. It’s passive aggressive behavioural cycles where often the instigator gains popularity with a self-obsession to appear a role model of all things good using the internet portal – when really they are using that privilege to attack someone else with a love hate wrangle deriving from their own misgivings. And often the victim may appear confident and outgoing despite suffering extreme despair at the hands of jealousy and obsession. This is a form of stalking and harassment and there are laws to protect us but sometimes seeking help can only become a hassle, when really any victim just wants the cycle to stop and disperse. Shaking off a bully is impossible until we realise it just doesn’t matter. These tests are sent to hold us back. Really, no person with an unhealthy obsession towards you and your business is ever going to benefit your personal goals and accomplishments. To be great you must be undeterred by the small minded. To remind yourself they will soon move on to someone else. That is until they learn to correct this pattern of self harm within their own existence.

These things are not to be grasped or absorbed and there is never a way to avoid this happening. It is down to each of us to choose whether we want to be in a cycle of bitter revenge or to keep moving forward on our unique individual journey to find a true purpose in order to help the planet in its entirety by actively getting involved – remember small steps build pyramids collectively.

All I can say if you know deep down in your heart you are full of anger, revenge and resentment despite appearing otherwise, you must be deeply unhappy. Perhaps now for all those bullies out there it is time to stop and take heed of who you really are and what you are all about? To look at your past and embrace your future, free of your burden to wish harm to another. To see where your own responsibility dwells in all of the chaos your troubled mind carries and how to heal yourself. To be silent for a while and do not be afraid to ask the universe to reveal your own identity. To recognise your actions of malice and evil intent (often hidden in good gesture) so shamelessly aimed towards those who do you no harm. Now is the time to ask for forgiveness for your unresearched and unnecessary objectives.

I am not in Blackpool because I have to be. I am here because it grips me. The quirkiness of the place, the sunset, the sand and the passion of gail force winds to the West. The determination of the working class from The North who come here for entertainment or contemplation.

It’s not mine or your responsibility to endure acts of spite. It is only the mindset of the mentally sick to begin that process of cure and that can only come with sincerity. It is overwhelmingly disappointing to know that during this challenge to mankind there are those still sending bad intentions out to others. We should all have just one common goal right now and that is to survive and give the children the education they deserve. One of truth and one of nature. One of survival and progress on a global scale. TBH.

The last lockdown earlier this year I ‘had’ planned on finishing my book, for which is in safe keeping with a friend, but I got little time to myself. If another close down comes soon, it will be total lock down for me and a time to manifest what I have started. I am lucky. I don’t need the validation of another. I don’t wish for anything I am unable to provide for myself. And when I love, it’s for nothing by return other than trust, support and laughter. We are One.

I have love from those who respect my free spirit and so do you. I have support when I need it most, and so do you. But most of all I have no regrets in terms of trying to make the most of my life. It’s not so public now. Whereas I enjoyed to blog and share my journey. You realise as you get older not everyone wants the best for another. There are those small few (for all of us at some point in life) that no matter how much you do for the good, they become infuriated further with a desire to see you fall. That’s human nature. Sadly, yes it is ‘human nature’ folks and emotional intelligence is very different to education. Actions speak louder and kindness comes with courage not bravado. It’s how you feel about  your inner turmoil when you wake in the night and reflect on your own sense of sincerity. To never feel remorse for being unkind, wicked or insincere in your agenda = time to wake up and find your light and a new perception. The eyes can never conceal cruelty, as the eyes are the window to our soul. Look a person in their eyes before words first spoken.  

During these difficult times with the struggling climate, our beautiful planet and a pandemic affecting the lives, wellbeing and livelihood of others, we see those who with a sincere concern for the feelings of others, yet also and most sadly, those who turn this episode in history to an advantage for their own career or purpose. In other words, thriving on the hardship of current trends and a means to seek attention –  and that’s what a lot of our global changes are all about. Shaking off the negative energy deriving from those who appear greater. Life can trick us. Magic is real and the good are quiet more so than ever because they work on such deeper levels of consciousness.

We can honestly put the love circle of our intimate existence on one hand. Our soul purpose is not on Twitter, Facebook or any other platform. These means are simply an introduction or opportunity to release our own press to those who give some time each day to catch up with another form of communication. A freedom so cruelly abused by too much hysteria and faux material. But I believe that more importantly for our vision is to touch base with the universe, the undiscovered potential within our crafts and purpose that will be guided by the infinite light of all that is our true purpose. Time to face our regrets, to let go of the mundane cycle of denial and fear of change. Stability is the will to not fear change. To not be told that change is harmful. Without change we lie dormant. Without change a bully defines freedom of hate speech and the infliction of suffering. Nothing stays the same, we are what we do with ‘good intention’, no less.

There are those using this current pandemic to bring hearts together and (tragically enough) others to drive people apart. Be careful who you trust, where you put your time and how you continue. The most beautiful people can have the most hateful souls. A book is a cover. A book is a title but what you read is the intent and often lack of real life experience – fiction on rewind with no research or depth.

Life should be of greater value than reviews, likes, shares, follows and approval. It’s not about appearing to be an advocate of anything good. It is more so about your own sense of value and knowledge and the best philosophy of that which often may seem unnoticed – but our own will is the flat dimension for which is an atmosphere of only pure love beyond the negativity and sadly one where too often create so shamelessly for our own selfish purpose. Less is More.

It is not right for any person to give themselves permission to cause unnecessary hardship towards another. We are seeing who we really are. We are being told who we really are. We are being shown our purpose and we have to think about what if the internet did not exist who and what would any of us truly be left with? I personally would love to see this world without the internet forever but let’s ponder how we could cope albeit for a month or two? Believe me, we would all be in a much better place. Humans would be forced to let go of lazy habits and find stories and entertainment on their own doorsteps. We would help friends and neighbours. We would become our own tribes and thrive in reality. We would appreciate our climate, our loved ones, our own sense of purpose much more. Cowards would have no portal. Neighbours would have more of our time. When a child is born we should not wish them an entire life stretch on the internet. There would be little point in being here at all if this were the future. A keyboard, screen and head full of propaganda. How dreadfully misguided is the system so many are hooked into. 

Without the internet we could write letters, draw pictures, be exited for the postman. We would spend more time with our significant other and find ways to invigorate new hobbies, past times, romance and opportunity. We would notice nature more and the faux lives of the desperate less. Our lives would be better.

It is about balance, sadly algorithms and paying often huge sums for recognition are not about the true meaning of balance. We ourselves and our inner rhythms are about balance – harmony – contentment. There can be no balance with hashtags, pretending to be someone or something else or adhering to public demand with time better spent broadening our own horizons. And that means change, letting go, being original and rising our vibrations above and beyond the small mindedness that holds us back and that is how the negative works. It wants us to stand still, it wants to hold us back, to keep us in the now – tangled up in worlds that are not our own. We have to be careful we are not using our natural energetical forces to feed the greed and ego of others. How far would you go to make money from promoting the work of someone else you didn’t even like, really? I have observed such betrayal in the so called land of spirituality. I was not surprised. 

The best thing that can happen to you today is what you do for yourself. And no act of self improvement is ever too small. Let your addictions become value to your goals by turning your focus towards a sense of only wellbeing to yourself and those who support you. Time best spent doing things of good self intent and ‘love nourishment.’ Let go. Be free. Be wise and know your time being quiet, your time trying to understand hurt and pain is your reason to self validate your crafts and energy for greater things to come. Music. Baking. Crafting. Loving. Saying Thank You. Sharing. Forgiving. Improving. No human is a God. No human is better for money. Avoid the foolish and be kind to yourselves. He who needs an army will die empty handed.

I want to thank my time with the universe today for this insight for my sense of completeness, my oneness and purpose.

For the fools of life, this dimension, forgive their ignorance. I deflect their insanity. We forgive their intent. We forget their existence. We continue. We breath. We learn. We grow. As One. Nature is our Blessing. Blessings. Blessings to ALL who fall and a hand up to those that rise with righteousness and a sacred passion of hope for the future, for all, globally.


Tiff. X