How to Object to Bristol Airport Expansion – Guest Blog

With the pandemic and restrictions it is not necessary to waste public funds on another airport. It would be more helpful to invest the capital in small UK businesses that are suffering due to unforseen circumstances. Furthermore, the sky is for natural beauty not chemtrails.

Namaste and Go Forth Warriors !!!!


Do you want to write a knock-out objection to Bristol Airport expansion but aren’t sure what to say? Then read on, as we have assembled here some of the most impactful arguments against Bristol Airport’s plans.

Below you will find 7 key arguments that you can use in your objection. Of course, there are many, many more and you should bring your own experience and voice to your objection. But if you want to make sure your objection packs a punch, then please feel free to use any or all of the below.

Anyone can make an objection! You don’t need any credentials or fancy words. Just a conviction that airport expansion in a climate emergency is plane wrong!

Remember, the deadline for objections is February 22nd.

You can have your say by emailing your objection to

quoting case number3259234.

  1. BAL’s plan is not consistent with…

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