Thanks Josie from the Kitties

Recently I travelled alone, spent time alone and returned home alone. I had to attend to a front line matter where I did a bit of work. It was the first time we have ever left the cats without a family member. Josie my best friend took care of them. I worried every day they were missing me.

When I got home Tiger came up to the door then ran past me to see where she was and Chief hid in a box. They are thoroughly spoilt. They get treats three times a day. The best cat food and dry food. A clean cat litter tray and fresh water. They get a little bit of exercise in the yard despite being house cats. My fluffy boys are brothers and 12 years young. Little rescues. They even have their own ‘cat nip’ toy subscription. 

I prefer my cats to dogs if I am honest. I get up in the night to play with them. They have a sixth sense. And we have many ghostly adventures, we see and sense the same things. Thanks to Josie for being the perfect cat Mum for the fluffies during the time away. It means a lot.

On a dim note I sent her some flowers as a way to say ‘thank you’ (we all love flowers, don’t we …) We chose the ‘large’ bouquet and when she sent me the pic I was gutted. They were bloody awful for the money. It is the thought that counts but it makes me quite sick to know some online order companies do not deliver what we pay for! Watch out sending flowers online. Just a photo of some proper nice flowers from the garden would have been better than the crap I so carefully ordered. They are not even fresh. I work hard for what I earn and this is disgusting.

Love You Josie Bestie!

(So below is a superior bouquet – I dare not tell you how much this cost me.) I just feel so disappointed as I wanted Josie to feel special when she opened the door. I had visions of a gorgeous load of flowers being handed to her and cheering her up. 

Tiff. X

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