March is Madness

I have been painting. Listening to the radio. Doing the flat. Trying to maintain space and good vibes. Musicians are allowed to rehearse. It’s front line work to keep their skills supple for the forthcoming steps to some kind of normality. I am living on a street that’s a fusion somewhere between Trumpton and Coronation Street but I have met many lessons that help me grow. And made many friends from all destinations. Yet sometimes seeming confident is taken with offence? A shame, because to inspire is preferred over anger.

A first impression is a cover but nobody knows the pages. What we may be going through and how we cope alone. And this applies to men and women. So many women angry with men.

I don’t believe I deserve to be bullied in terms of assumptions, an over healthy interest in my online presence or any urge to shout and swear at me.

This lock down has been emotional for everyone, so an ideal opportunity to one day reflect at how we managed ourselves in terms of empathy. We can all be vulnerable.

Happy Mothers Day to ALL. Women need to come together and not drive each other apart. We Don’t have to be friends or like one another but we can forget the gripes and niggles in favor of being gracious. Especially when we have to live and work on the same street. No woman should use her significant other as a shield to bully a woman who may seem alone. We all have someone, whether we choose to be public about it or not. Everyone has love somewhere. It’s a personal choice how we wish to conduct ‘that’ privacy.

So be kind. Be original. Put all that resentment towards a positive hobby or ambition. Making lists and plans to seek cowardly revenge will never heal your jealousy and bad intent.

Everybody has a life and since we are all here at the same time, make good of all gifts. Love is The Answer and there’s two sides to every story. So hear both before you make judgement. Better than that, mind your own business. Only a narcissist would believe everything is directed at them. As with ego comes paranoia. And wrong judgements are made in haste.

Good Manners Cost Nothing.

Tiff. X