Spent the last few weeks preparing for the summer. Lock down for me was a great opportunity to get the websites sorted out, plus craft about the place during all hours, with wax and soap! Now it’s more about getting some kind of order to open a hotel. It is not about a sense of obligation, but more so taking a few steps back to work out my time and how I can have some kind of job satisfaction without a sense of panic.

I do love making soaps and wax melts, candles and well … the bath bombs are all about the humidity. I do want a few weeks to lose myself ‘totally’ in the crafts … yet I have had to prioritise what is most important. Thing is … all of it matters. However, I am in my zone and enjoying our time. I won’t take life too seriously. Regardless of peer pressure or social expectation. It is all about me. Always … Of Course! And it is all about you. Put yourselves ahead too!

At Belleva House today, we had super fast internet installed. It has been a pain in the ass with all the work required to get to this stage. But well worth it. Just testing it out now with this blog post. It will be great for the hotel as each room will have Smart TV etc.

There’s a great new band evolving in Blackpool called Alright. They really are gifted and the lyrics are so uplifting. The acoustics are mind blowing not to mention the vocal contrast = perfect = brilliant. They released their first tune last Friday! I will post more about them soon and other stuff happening. There is a lot going on!

South Shore Soap are going to start selling gorgeous hand made Pamper Boxes to all of the UK very soon. Passing my exams was more complicated than the entire AstraZeneka process. Ridiculous. It is fine to bake food and sell it to guests … but to make soap with similar ingredients requires more red tape than stuff we digest or have injected into us. But seriously … I had my jab. No regrets whatsoever. I felt rubbish for a few days but better than getting sick. I would recommend everyone taking the opportunity as a preventative to get hit hard by the pandemic affects. No regrets at all.

Life is for variety, trying out new things and moving with the times. To not become stagnant and to over come our fears. To focus on our own aspirations and remain in a positive mindset. I do hope everyone is well and really cannot wait to catch up in person. Less is More and Love is the Answer. Time for ZZZzzz ….

Love, Tiff. X

ps. The Cat Room at Belleva House is ‘L Shaped’ and has a lot of features. But I haven’t taken any good pics of ‘it all’ yet. The one above is a bit blurry but it shows I am trying! It will be finished next week. I promise!