Say ‘Doodle Day’

Sometimes when we feel helpless with just wanting a day off. Do it. To stop worrying about commitments and obligations and just Doodle. Feel our own art and crafts without guilt or regret. You can make posters with vectors, pics, quotes and put them around the place. It’s not an expensive hobby and will make you feel ‘spesh’.

Jealousy is a horrid, horrid thing and something I cannot admit to ever feeling because when someone impresses me I want to be friends with them or at least send them kudos. So don’t waste your time with worthless emotions. Turn those small minded thoughts to being original and of a positive mindset. I am going to tackle the cellar. Have a great week and get over it. Life is too short so live it out with some kind of purpose that helps others. It all comes back tenfold. It really does. Smile and Smile Again! It’s contagious.

Tiff. X