Pink House at the Back and p.s.

This last year has flown by. If you have been following here thank you! I have my soap and wax ready to set up and continue with my hobby aka South Shore Soap Company. A few rooms to dress – but since I wanted a few days off, I decided to stay at the back of our place and get some kind of organisation with the little yard. We are pink! I haven’t spent out on anything as I already have too much clutter so we potted up the tubs I have collected over the years. There is so much I want to do out here but this is a start.

Thanks this week to everyone who has helped here. You are always so welcome. It is still time bonding with new space and energy. To sage, to feel the crystals below the boards manifest their work. To watch plants grow (hopefully). To stay in a good place with an open heart and not allow any negativity to hinder such a great and transitional journey. As for the yard – next year we will be a bit more creative but this is lovely for now. It’s clean and fresh, although there are not as many seagulls up here. But I am between both so it’s a great contrast.

It was lovely to see my youngest son and the cats this week. Always miss them when they go home. I am getting lazy with the internet, apologies. Have a great weekend.

ps We made a wardrobe out of two tiles and some pipe. Waiting for splash back for the shaker kitchen. Door security locks on. Crow lamp hanging in the attic room. There’s a huge bath in a dark grey bathroom and the blinds are coming next week. They are the best blinds I have ever designed. It’s so freckin’ neat here! OOhh baby …

Tiff. X