The Joy Journal is so Healing by Tiffany Belle Harper

I enjoy Instagram when I want to find something or to see what those I care for are up to, because it’s comparatively positive compared to other media platforms that are causing a lot of hysteria not to mention algorithms and fake news. There are some vulnerable people out there living in the horrors and they should stop looking at it!

Last week I started following Mrs (beautiful) Laura Brand on instagram – long over due. I believe she works with cyclical cycles and you can feel her words describe nature – it’s sincere and passionate. Her instagram page is just lovely – there’s no bravado – you can fall into her descriptive – you want to be out there with her rummaging amongst the flora and fauna looking for petals and potions to make good use of craftiness. Perfect for anyone feeling stuck indoors and in particular those caring for children or with mental health problems heightened by this situation. Like I say, please try to stay with the positive. It is not all doom and fear out there. There’s hundreds and thousands of people doing fantastic things in the real world. Actions really do speak louder than words and that’s why when I go online, I love to look at pictures of nature and interiors. Baking and positive quotes – not to mention street art and good causes. It makes me feel so good about each day when I begin to fall to concern about the future, in particular for those less fortunate than me. I have been there and the fear of not knowing whether you have a home the next day is not worth beginning to describe. I worry about everything. I don’t want people to suffer this way.

Laura herself is a mum of two but you don’t have to be a parent or guardian to enjoy her little projects and you don’t need money either which makes all this hugely elaborate – especially in current times. She’s making things with nature and basic resources. Playing outside with kids in the mud and the elements – it’s really healing so please take a look as you may too find play to take your mind from many factors to include creative blocks which can come alongside depression or a sense of despair. There’s even beauty tips, for instance soap and mud masks that cost little to make.

Playing in the garden and the local woods is what I loved best about being young and it takes me right back to my own childhood when I used to wander around with a stainless steel mixing bowl collecting leaves, stone and soil and really believing I was making cakes for squirrels and fairies to eat in my nests (I made a lot of dens). You don’t see enough of this in the modern times and the great thing is outdoor play is free. Her book’s named The Joy Journal which is good as it invites a second, a third and on. Laura Brand is lovely. She reminds me so much of a friend of mine Nel Kuk. Nel bought her first child up completely in a forest in Poland. She’s is totally sustainable. It is amazing how we can use nature to bring the best to children. It’s time and resources that are readily made to enjoy.

I live happily with my inner child – it can help me through anything – as all we need is love, play, a roof over our head and goals to accomplish. But ‘out time’ for recreation is best enjoyed with nature. Nature is with us all year round – you don’t rip it out of packets at Christmas. The Joy Journal is good parenting. And good parenting is applicable to our inner child = a book for everyone who wants to play because everyone can afford it. It’s a healing book. Healing for nature as all to often we forget it is there. A lot of my friends are sustainable and I try to be. Living by the sea means we have pebbles, sand and stones. The seagulls – feathers. But I do miss the rawness of grass and soil too. Yet, I am thankful as there are those living in flats without gardens who must be missing nature and I worry for them.

Today I am feeling anxious about my project as I want to start sharing it but I am going to hold back as I feel so protective of the space. It’s our heart and soul so we are waiting for better times as I cannot be in two places at once. Although we do have a guardian taking care I just want to nest. A strong sense of laying down roots. There will be plenty of sky gazing. Please bring clarity. Be kind. There’s so much work to be done to help our planet. Every step counts. Just being at one with nature is good for the soul. Green is the new Black. And you Laura – keep going. I know it must be hard work taking care of your family, putting together craftiness and doing so much in one day but it will all be worth it. Keep your ideas flowing and maybe a seaside inspired Journal next!

Tiff. X

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