Blackpool! Are we ready for Porter Girl

We’ve got this one coming to see us in July 2021. She may even leave a few signed books lying around the rooms … sort of like a treasure trail but with twists and turns … perish the thought. No seriously this is not a working purpose blog. Friends don’t need to do that. Lucy Brazier writes as a hobby because she is one busy and totally smitten young lady! 

Lucy is here to get involved with the below event. My neighbour Lisa runs so I must make sure they get to know one another. Humans are all welcome at any time. Just let me know with plenty of forewarning so I can ensure I am home. I will find somewhere to put you but it won’t be the apartment as this is the place where everyone can fuck off. Joke … yes, something people used to do often. Did you know smiling makes you live longer and a smile starts with the eyes. I noticed this more when people started to wear masks in supermarkets. It can be flirty and dirty! But I am taken. Get on your knees my beautiful ‘gimp’. Let’s make melts …

Life is about gathering our ‘real time’ experiences and baking them into a beautiful cake full of laughter and optimism. I am preparing my new pamper boxes. So many orders I do not quite know where to start. Thank You.

Tales of mystery and suspense with a lot of cliff hangers inspired by her own adventures back at University as a key holder. Lucy edited my book to chapter 21 but it’s on hold as we are living out our own stories in this big world of ours. Thank God for Cats! What would life be without at least one to act on your behalf? Happy to oblige.

Porter Girl. Writer. Author. MISCHIEF MAKER …

Tiff. X