A Treat to You from Me

I think we all struggled with lockdown. I run a bed and breakfast and to be honest for a while I enjoyed ‘me’ time. What with opening a new hotel across the street and wondering how to escape the lease from where I am still at – the stress at times was overwhelming. So, making wax melts at South Shore Soap Company became my therapy. I work with essential oils mainly.

I hover my hands over each batch and give my crafts reiki. I also love to make candles and melts with the full moon. My favourite though, when it is raining. I used to love hiding away as a child when it rained and scrap booking with old cards, comics, pressed flowers etc.

I went on to make soap then realised I had to have a license. I just love soapy crafting … So, I am making a brand-new range to launch soon on my website. I decided to gift my lockdown crafting to those I believe will appreciate a box of treasures made with complete love and emotion.

Crafts replace Boredom and Crafts build Inner Confidence

I just hope I can continue with the same momentum when I become more ‘professional’ as my soaps, melts and candles are made with pure soul and the love of my life – he was with me every step of the way, but that’s way too magical to ever begin to explain. A real and very true love story … the best ones are ‘indeed’ secret as love is such a personal thing. We have history. But for now I am on a journey with a design project I want to do for myself.

Some melts are labelled with flavours while others are not as I just went with my inner cycle of creativity, often forgetting which oils I had used. Mainly white sage, rosemary, frankincense, cedarwood, lavender, cinnamon and much more. It is good to be at one with our core values.

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