Belleva Tea

I buy herbs and flowers already prepared and packed in the UK for human consumption, to make my own loose tea and natural tea bags. This is also a rapid and effortless way to enhance up your food cupboards and shelves with these flowery/earthy tones and textures in glass jars!

Makes for a boho touch around the kitchen. Similarly, you can ‘save money’ by washing thoroughly your used glass food jars for your creations. For instance, large beetroot jars are a great size for the tea pantry.

Simply search the web for herbal tea recipes and away you go! These recent blends will be available to my guests for free and to buy in scoops to take away. Plus, I will eventually put them online. Moreover, you can steep the tea in boiling water. Let it cool. Put it in the fridge and enjoy as refreshing and beneficial cold drinks with ice, mixed fruits, lemon etc, etc.

Dried Lemon Peel and Ginger Tea

Lemon peel is a natural anti-oxidant which ‘may’ support a healthy heart.

Ginger is said to support the immune and digestive system.

Hibiscus and Jasmine Tea

Hibiscus may help settle an upset stomach. It has a calming effect and hibiscus is great to add with any other edible herbs. It is just so versatile.

Jasmine (my favourite) ‘may’ help the immune system and the effects of diabetes and claims to work wonders for the hormonal cycle for all genders. But I just love the taste and aromatic qualities of Jasmine.

Look at these Magnificent Textures and Colours!

I have crafted five combinations in total, to include Lavender and Peppermint Tea. Spent much of the day trying and testing, with the help of adding organic honey sourced from happy bees. But you can add brown sugar as an alternative, or just go bare.

I use one teaspoon of each double blend. Apart from ginger – as it is an extraordinarily strong base taste. With this I add a couple of dried slices of the ginger, to a teaspoon of dried lemon peel. Remember to let your tea steep, releasing all the aromatic flavours to your favourite cup. Feel the love …

I will be honest I realised I was drinking way too much caffeine tea. Some days one after another. So, I am on a bit of a detox, although ‘never’ a diet as depravation is not good for our natural flow of mind, body and soul (unless it’s a fetish). I will never be a ‘slimmy’ as I just love food. It is my road to paradise, a good meal. Fresh and tangy. I go from loving traditional meals, to a good curry. But with tea, there are so many flavours I have yet to explore.

Some ingredients may contain allergens, or have been prepared in distribution plants where nuts are handled, so always read the labels.

Thank you. See you Soon. Going to check our bathbombs. It is all about the humidity. Not sure they like sea air so fingers crossed. Will show you when they have set hard.

Tiff for Belleva House