Candy Floss Wax Melts Coming Soon

These could be the best melts at South Shore Soap Company so far. Basically there is a formula to making melts if you want them to be long lasting in terms of scent and cuteness.

Sometimes melts look flaky or the added mica forms clumps. Whilst others may not notice, the flaws of badly made melts can have effects on the scent burning time. If you use parfum oil it has a combustion point so you must be careful. The melted wax can pop and bubble.

The best formula for good quality soy wax is to melt the wax to no higher than 90 degrees then add the colour. Let the wax cool to 70 degrees before adding the oil or parfum. Pour into moulds at 55 degrees.

These are Candy Floss Melts and I am seriously telling you they smell just beautiful. They are non toxic. Cruelty and allergen free.

And a good point to make is you do not need a license to make and sell melts. So when you see all these people banging on about their melts being compliant. All they have done is stick a warning label on the packet. But of course, It is necessary to do this as there are those with no common sense out there. Most of which can be found on sites like Facebook and Twitter for most of their time. No wonder the world is in a mess. I believe social media is a ‘social’ or ‘bulletin’ bit of kit and should not become a lifestyle that consumes hours of time each day. Either let everyone go on it or ban it all together. Erasing opinion only diverts it and all opinion is life.

Candy Floss Wax Melts coming soon to South Shore Soap Company. I do realise there is a lot of work ahead but life is not just about money and rivalry. It is a balance. All we need is a space, some crafty things, our favourite food, always Cafe Jazz (and a blog to treasure our best and worst moments). There’s enough problems in a day without looking for drama.
Tiff at South Shore Soap Company. X