My Yard

Like I say folks, anyone got an opinion use my suggestion box or for neighbours stick a note through the door – be anonymous. I welcome your feedback. But let me tell you one thing, you gossip about me, make false assumptions outside my home or on the pavement on this street, I will show you what it feels like to stand alone too.

I am building a new business from scratch. I am not your competition. Blackpool is big enough for everyone.

One thing I have learned this week too, is me and my house keeper should sit in my back yard and not out the front. We are not a drop in centre. We are a business. You want it. You pay for it. And that includes intruding on my conversation. I have lived on tougher streets and that’s a great accomplishment.

I refuse to be stuck in ways or a routine. I don’t give a fuck. Never have.

Part time guest house – Full time activist.