‘Christmas Ice’ Wax Melts – ‘Sea Spray’ Soap – Charity and Pride Ball

This week Danielle and myself decided to find a good home for a brand-new ‘spare’ king sized mattress I had here. Basically, the first mattresses I purchased I hated, there’s still one on a bed. There were just two of them and I got them online. The ‘now’ beds are from a fabulous shop in Blackpool.

We tried a few charity shops that hadn’t got space, so … I suggested we went to The Salvation Army. It was a real eye opener. I don’t want to go into it as it’s such righteous work but basically there were babies there from other parts of the world cradled in their mother’s arms. We both felt so sad and helpless. Yet, The Salvation Army had nowhere to store the mattress and such a huge building? It’s likely I will be helping out over Christmas. As some of you know, I love to be with community projects during the festive season. I find it grounding and this is when I get to meet more interesting people on the ground being near to them. The eyes are the windows to our soul away from a lens.

Anyway, we then found a tiny charity shop over the road where a man takes in stuff, washes it and sells everything for just £2 each. He gives stuff to the needy for free. We found some ethnic clothing there and got it for the mannequins. I don’t want to put the name of it here but he is not hard to find. It is just a tiny place. Bless that man.

Moving on, we sourced some beautiful, intensely rich parfum oil online. It is expensive but worth it for my melts. Last night I wanted a distraction from work so made some large melts in beautiful moulds. ‘Christmas Ice’ they’re called. I am going to tell you hand on heart this is the best scent so far. Relive the magical aura that surrounds the festive season and evokes imagery of dazzling snowflakes caressing the frozen winter grounds. It’s a fresh and dynamic aroma that embodies the spirit of Christmas. We will be selling them around Blackpool. Danielle is going to gift box them up and next I am crafting some Sea Spray to compliment these gorgeous little darlings. Danielle will be making her first melts next week too! And soap! We are fully licensed in soap and fizz making. Our melts are CLP compliant.

And I have not forgotten the bath fizz it just gets messy but that’s coming next week, I hope to show  you a video of how they react in water and they’re all natural. The sea air makes it difficult to create a bomb so I applied for a license to fizz instead. It is quite extraordinary…

Belleva Gift boxes start from £12. Wax Melt boxes Start from £8. We can deliver locally or why not pick up and mix from Belleva – sample the scent before you make a purchase! And here’s the Sea Spray Hand Poured Soap at Belleva. All our products are 100% cruelty free, eco friendly and bio-degradable.

Anyway, time to potter.

Got some girls here going to the Pride Ball tonight. They’re dressing up later and asked me to photograph them. I bet it will be F.A.B.

Tiff. X