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Stevie Turner

This is a little bit of a change today, as I think Planet Earth is a tad more important than Friday Click & Run. F C&R will be back next week, so get a good post ready to add to it…

With the COP26 conference still going on and the amount of media coverage there is at the moment, we cannot fail to realise that our planet is heating up. Over-use of fossil fuels, methane gas from cows, and de-forestation are the main culprits. We have seen extreme weather this year such as summer temperatures of nearly 50 degrees Centigrade (in Canada), forest wild fires and also flooding. The younger generation are particularly vocal in imploring nations to reduce greenhouse gases, insulate homes, eat less red meat, burn less coal, and stop cutting down trees.

Representatives from bigger nations who rely heavily on coal have been either absent from…

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