Taurana rehomed with New Moon at Belleva

I had some awesome guests here once more. Two of which were Steve and Pearl from York, who stayed in our Bae Suite. They loved the room that much they asked if they could purchase the bull on the wall, as they felt so at comfort with her in the room. The animal heads at Belleva by no means depict animal cruelty. They adorn all life and nature much like most of the decorative statements here. Many of which we have had for years.  

The heads of animals to us, are beautiful because they display the horns. No matter what our views are on our food choice, no animal should be killed or tortured for fun and that includes us homosapians.

Anyway, I sold the bull, and she is in another beautiful home. Everything at Belleva is for sale. The new moon moved from Taurus to Gemini on the same day, so letting go of Taurana was a real and beautiful transition of gratitude for the Gemini spirit such as myself. And we are very happy.

Thank you to Steve and Pearl for being so gracious. I hope to visit you in York next year for lunch and to browse your glorious town once more. It’s been years since I have been there. I must get back on the road more often.