Bath Fizz now at Belleva

During winter my entire routine changes organically. I am shattered in the day and wide awake at night. I like to sleep in the afternoon, then I am up for a few hours. I sleep late at night and then I am wide awake from about 1am onwards with a few cat naps. I have worked out I get between six and seven hours sleep per 24 hours. There’s a high wind outside. A storm brewing. The turbulent air coming across the Irish Sea. It’s so fervent and telling of our times.

The last few days I have been crafting Bath Fizz. It was supposed to be a bath bomb elixir, but they just would not set. A hobby founded between us during lockdown. So, I formulated Bath Fizz and it passed the chemist assessment. Not tested on animals, I may add.

The Fizz is so natural it could almost be edible. Consisting of corn starch, bicarbonate of soda, citrus powder, Himalayan rock salt, olive oil, water and then either essential or parfum oils. I am really proud of it.

I put together cinnamon and sweet orange oil. I discovered the orange oil is good for problem skin and cinnamon is an antioxidant so these combined with the Himalayan rock salt will be beneficial for a detox to the skin. Then, today Danielle mixed the Sea Spray Parfum with a new batch of fizz which has the most gorgeous aroma.

The fizz is packaged in degradable packaging. These are available for guests to purchase or can be picked up from the hotel. We also have a range of pamper boxes that include our CLP compliant melts in a range of intriguingly divine scents. Plus, hand poured soaps that are also fully licensed. They can be bought individually too. We will be adding more pictures and pricing in the coming days.

Such a therapeutic past time for the winter months. A mobile business. But for these cute items it is the scent that defines their loveliness. And when people experience the aromas, they want to buy them.

Individual large melts start from £1 and scent for up to 3 days.

A bag of 6 is £5.

Soaps start from £4 each. Fizz is £4 a pack.

Or we can prepare you a beautiful natural box full of goodies. Ideal for Xmas gifts or a treat just for you. Minimum order £10 for deliveries.  Why not arrange to drop by to the house to sample our range of melts, fizz, and soap. Handmade, hand poured in Blackpool using the finest ingredients. More to come shortly.

South Shore Soap Co at Belleva