Species Spotlight: Hedgehog – Guest Blog


Hedgehog (Erinaceous europaeus). Image via Wikipedia

With Bonfire night over and November coming to an end, many of our wildlife species are starting to hunker down for winter. Among them is a species we need to bear in mind on Bonfire night, as careless action could be disastrous for it. It is officially the UK’s favourite mammal, the hedgehog (Erinaceous europaeus).

In this entry, I will be taking you through the details, behaviour and lifestyle of the hedgehog. I will also discuss what threats it faces and what you as the public can do to help it, as well as looking at its wider family and similar-looking species.

Size, behaviour and lifespan

The hedgehog can grow up to 26 cm long, with the males being slightly larger than the females. It’s weight can fluctuate quite significantly, from 500g in the summer to 1.6kg in the autumn (when it…

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