Avoid Vanilla Folk – Little Minds – They teach nothing

Throughout my entire life I have put myself into many different situations. I love to learn. To push my boundaries and explore the unknown. I could not bear to sit stagnant and thrive on the activity of others for a life purpose. It’s not natural. Social Media provides a virtual existence but not one that gains ‘real life’ lessons. It’s good for news and hysteria – seldom factual. The more we read the better we write. However there is a big difference between a ‘good story ‘and just a well written one. As you can probably see for yourself … that is if you have a good level of emotional intelligence.

Landing at Belleva was a massive block of turmoil. I had this huge house that needed plumbing, a full rewire and complete reconstruction. Since my former work in hospitality, was to cater for families. I decided to this time offer a Guest House for mainly ‘couples. Something new and different. You never quite know what is going to happen. And it would have been good if (a few of) my neighbours also realised that. Especially since they too are in a similar industry. We are all free to cater for our chosen niche. A house that is open to guests is not a uniform task. It is an opportunity to do something of your own creation. Each to their own.

I love what I do. I wish everyone well. Be kind for 2022. Accept who you are and what you have and mind your own business. Because if you put all that small talk into something of purpose for yourself, you will find happiness and your eyes will dance with peace and sincerity. Life is short. And if you can afford a roof over your head, you should feel privileged. That’s all we fundamentality need (essentially). Rooms make dust so why be greedy? Sharing a home makes complete sense.

I have had good guests so far. There’s been about three bad situations, but I put it down to experience. All from older people who expected the vanilla traditional bed and breakfast experience. But that’s not for me. I don’t want to sit around all day entertaining boring fuckers who have nothing interesting to say. Who cannot take their drink? Who, the more you offer the more the want? They eat breakfast then complain you are not at the bar at night.

Room only at Belleva = that’s it. If you want more, go somewhere else. I am done with being a busy fool. I am not a part of ‘street conformity.’ This is another stage of my adventure.

I have tried to maintain a balance but sometimes, being civil is taken for stupidity and I am no fool. I am a student of life, leaving my tracks and I am awesome. Jog on.

Tiffany. X