Baking and Crafting with Ice

Have been making a lot of trifle recently. I love it in winter, and I have established if you pour the jelly onto frozen fruit it sets like a firm compote. I do the custard in a microwave. Add all the ingredients and then keep mixing with a fork, for a few minutes until the custard binds. The topping is good old traditional Dream Topping and then sprinkles with chocolate bits and coco.

Because I pour the jelly onto the frozen fruit it cools almost immediately, so you can then drizzle on the custard. So, to make an entire trifle takes me just half an hour and serves around 8 people. The packs of Birds Trifle are only £1.00 from Iceland! Plus the frozen or tinned fruit. But if you add tinned, the syrup makes up the volume of fluid needed, other wise it won’t set if you add too much fluid. And of course you can go without the fruit or stew your own. But the fruit adds the healthy factors of this delicious trifle. We can all get involved and there’s nothing nicer than the scent of this traditional dessert setting firm in the kitchen. It reminds of my days with my Nan, when we baked together.

You can do a vegan version with veggie gelatin, coconut milk and alternative custard/cream. Whatever floats your boat. I also make mini trifles and love the Askey range of sauces and embellishments. You can create a sundae for about 30p a portion, using some tinned fruit, ice cream or yoghurt and squirty cream on top. Kids love to make puddings too!, So it’s an affordable past time.

Also with my wax melts, I have been cooling the wax fast in a glass Pyrex jug, sat in a bowl of ice water and the melts are scenting for up to 4 days as opposed to 1 or 2. Therefore, crafting and cooking with frozen food and ice is definitely less time consuming and more sustainable. It’s fun exploring this. I love ice!

Tiff. X