The Term “User” is Only Used When Talking About Two Things: Drugs and Social Media – Guest Blog

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While there is no scientific evidence of the effects of social media on one’s mental health, it’s no secret that social media can take a large toll on the mental health of the people that use it. But is social media becoming more of a drug rather than a medium to socialize with others? When discussing the controversy around social media and psychology, it is important to acknowledge that social media, like drug-use, has become an addiction, and both have dangerous effects on the human brain. Why do we call those who utilize social media, “users”, as if we are talking about drugs? 

As a young adult who uses social media often, I have noticed something of a phenomenon, something I like to call “posting addiction”. Posting addiction can be described as the feeling someone gets after posting on their social media. We post a picture, and feel a sort…

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