Keep Yourselves Focused and Original – Tiffany Belle Harper

I am in my element writing. Reflecting over the past few years. I have, over recent weeks, undergone a huge cycle of fear and self-doubt about myself. I am a firm believer we cannot find inner peace if we are not entirely truthful with our goals and objectives. I would hate to become a resentful or jealous person. This has never been who I am about. I am driven by achievers who bring goodness to the table. Those I can learn from and aspire towards. Therefore, I take malice and bad vibrations so personally. I am without ego when I tell you, I don’t deserve such shit.

I hate gossip. We all do it at times, but we should try to avoid seeking out drama, especially when it is none of our business. Many of us have suffered hardship of recent months. While some internalise it, in favour of appearing to have the perfect life (social media comes to mind). Others may retreat into themselves – dwelling on further negatives. Both above result in depression. Where, during my life I have had dreadful lows (due to circumstances beyond my control). I find my high by being honest with who I am. What I want and who I truly love in my personal world.

Not every person wants/needs a public relationship – but this should not make what appears to be a ‘lone’ person vulnerable, just for holding on to their personal world and values. Having that someone to share with is the most beautiful thing. Not toxic. Less is More. Free and Together.

“The best attention in life is self-care.”

– Tiffany Belle Harper.

I wish you all well and hope to meet up with you in the real world in the coming months. Be Kind. Forgive but don’t forget and please try to make your own decisions. BE aware of those around you with mental health issues and for whatever reason that may or may not be. Some things just come along and break us when we least expect it. It seems more prevalent in younger males. Things do get better.

Mind your own business and don’t send bad intent as it comes right back at you! Focus on a better form of self-development, less baggage and negativity. Its true a bully often thinks they’re the victim. But when one or more persons incite spite towards another, regardless of how strong the target may appear. Walk away. Find new doors and don’t ever look back. But at the same time a new door does not have to be a new building. It may just need a fresh lick of paint. Let drama pass without you getting sucked in.

Why share charity for others to participate on your behalf? Get out there and do some work for those causes. Being a volunteer brings it all back to centre. Be kind to your pets. A life without animals, is a life less purpose. Limit your online time to avoid addiction. Bake and craft. Take photographs of pavements, walls or fields. It doesn’t matter what it is – everything is art. It is your journey!

With success comes hurdles, but it is these risks that make a better foundation for our soul purpose and those that really do deserve more. We live longer when we worry less. Be original and thankful. Change is good for all of us so don’t hold people back. Aspire and Admire.

Tiffany. X