Ban Trophy Hunting and Gun Media – Tiffany Belle Harper

An activist sent me this poster (not the person who made it by the way, it has gone around the circuit) to explain to people why trophy hunting animals is bad. I thought about this. I have no words to explain the stupidity from every possible angle. Sport is presumably fun and it stops after the whistle blows which means there are fair winners. Both sides walk away and get on with their personal lives.

I don’t see a gun as a part of any game. That’s my personal view. All types of persecution are bullying. My opinion. You are welcome to yours. These graphics holding guns are someone’s kids. I would not want mine portrayed this way. All life is precious. Why are guns all over media and on kids game consoles. Ridiculous. Am too old for this shit. Why fight in the first place. Get a hobby with good intent and without any gun and play fair without mind games or dirty plans to gain some kind of respect from us. It ain’t happening. TBH