More than a Dad. Our best friend. A confidant.

The finest man that graced our lives.

Fly High Dad. We will all get there.

You were just too special to let go of.

I miss us laughing at life. The garden. The robins. The deer.

I miss drinking tea at 4am in the snug with homemade cake.

Nature is not the same without your companionship, Dad.

But we have the memories, as though ghosts of colour across the pond.

I have been a nightmare, depressed – but dreams are made of light.

And my light will try to burn more brightly for the rest.

For You, my heart got broken.

I miss you, always. Dad. With music. With trees and with the ocean.

I hold you next to all of us and I am proud to have known you at all.

We all are.

Tiffany. X

PS I realise what a shit haircut I gave you on this image, but you still look lovely. And sorry I sent you to the Chapel of Rest in your moccasin slippers and not your brogues. They matched your casual look more. I sometimes wonder whether you would have preferred a suit but at least you were clean and wearing aftershave. I made sure of it.