‘Little Statue and Boris Parties’ We are all entitled to have an opinion without being persecuted for it. I am a free thinker NOT A SHEEP and NOT a Politician.

On Wednesday (2nd February 2022) Danielle and myself were pottering around the house. I had a mooch in our fabulous cleaning cupboard – a real Pandora’s box. Tucked away, on the bottom shelf, I found a couple of figurines that I purchased from The Regent a good while back. Despite remaining in the box, the head had fallen from the smaller one. I felt so sad, as she is such a cute piece of artifact. However, I managed to glue her back together with some silicone I had been using, to create some décor I was manifesting. Though … sadly, when I hung her up in the hallway, her head stayed attached to the nail, but her body fell away, so I then siliconed her torso to the wall. Danielle noticed her two fingers and we both thought it quite ironic I had dug her out on 2.2.22.

In the night my Alexa went off, little did I realise the internet was down until the morning. I called Network Connect to have a moan and they could not see what was wrong their end. Informing me I had a perfect internet connection. The little statue Is right by the electrical box. I swapped a couple of identical cables around and the Wi-Fi was soon back up and running. The telecom team stating there was no explanation for the outage. There’s been some strange things going on here this week for us, to include water appearing in the bedroom. Let’s see how the weekend unfolds. I have some quirky guests here.

I am on a quick diet. I wanted to do this to lose a stone, not because I don’t like the way I look, as it is all about personality, and I have plenty of that. I am loved no less for my appearance. I wear what I like, and I am confident. The reason I want to shed some pounds is because I have a lot of vintage clothes I wish to show off. I am morphing into my younger self and part of this journey is to wear what I already have. Simple. It is the Cambridge 1:1 Diet by one of the greatest women I have ever met. Tracy Mason, who has lived on the street for 20 years and fortunately has kept her own original ideas and soul purpose. She has kept me going through some really tough times on this journey in Blackpool, for which I have flourished in courage and determination. Resentment is my pleasure. Take me or leave me. A town is bigger than a street.

I am not into politics, it bores me (quite a lot). But as for Boris Johnson and the alleged parties. I think he has suffered enough, to be honest. I am not a bully and I know how it feels when people crowd on one other person because media said it’s okay to do that. It’s an awful thing. We all cheat along the way. I am not endorsing anything, as I am not in receipt of the full facts. But maybe he just has an open happy home, that was there for other front-line workers, who already spent time together in the workplace. We must weigh up the pros and cons. I do not always agree with those I love, around me, and they don’t agree with me either, for much of the time, but they respect me. However, this awful internet bullying is atrocious. A coward’s playground. We must decide whether to let it go and accept he fucked up or – continue going round in circles. It is becoming beyond tedious now. My ears are shut off to it.

As for this anti-Semitic thing. What about anti-gay, anti-black, and anti-Palestinians. They all suffer. Why are we putting one fraction on a pedestal and giving sympathy to their subject above others who may feel equally, if not more so, isolated. Where is the balance. GROW UP for Fuck’s Sake. A religion is choice.


We are all too consumed with social media, which is hardly social if we are honest is it? Then, mainstream media that spreads gloom. No wonder the world is depressed. I feel very sorry for younger people in particular who do not have enough aspirational role models, in today’s society.

I bring my kids up to think for themselves, whether I agree with them or not and vice versa. No person shuts me up with back handed ‘indirect jokes’. Say it to my face or mind your own business. Nobody asks you to come here to my personal blog and diary. Nothing to sell or promote here. It is space for me.

Tiff. X