Teasing my Walls by Tiffany Belle Harper

Been looking at art work for Belleva. My own taste, although broad. Avant Garde, Pin Up. Art around the home to me, is not to necessarily to push boundaries, but to bring inner delight – to bring our wall to life. To Tease … For teasing is so very much a part of true romance. The feminine is a beautiful framework. I cannot find the name of this artist, but others I have recently invested in are prints by Gil Evgren, for which our guests to Belleva will soon see in the hallways.

I have helped stage many Burlesque Events, and I think it’s so empowering for women – also loved by connoisseurs of art and decadence, where performers may embrace their bodies, by not being completely nude, but … to tease. It needs to come back in a big way. To include cross dressing on this stage. A platform for expression and freedom with colour, drama and lush, rich fabrics. I am now going to buy some nipple tassels for my mannequin.

Someone out there should start making nipple tassels. It used to be quite a thing, still is probably. But what a great hobby. No time for me … so busy … too busy … happy.

Tiff. X