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Some facts here about the broadly often misunderstood topic of Autism that we all need to tread with more gently. Seen too much nastiness towards those who are special and sadly, often instigated by those in seemingly high places. Needs to be addressed.

If you cannot be kind then shut the fuck up. We don’t need nastiness in the playground. It also amazes me how parents can treat others the way they would not want their kids to be treated. Hardly a good example. Being thoughtful and aware (to me) is more prevalent in those regarded lower class too. Who seem to spend more time in the community than pretending to live a life they do not, behind closed posh doors. There should be no stigma with autism.

Tiffany Belle Harper


The Joy Journal by Laura Brand – new book at Belleva House

When I feel lacklustre and come up for air with a quick social fix, one of the first people I look up for a reality check is Laura Brand via the instagram platform.

We think she is just adorable. Regardless of what is going on in the world, Author and Artist, Laura Brand, remains consistent to her crafts, family, and pets. Her posts are always so delicately put together, often with links to others of interest within the creative sector. Who are also offering good reads and inspirational past times. Laura takes time to convey her posts with gorgeously thoughtful images and video snippets, often of nature and in particular flowers.

I cannot wait for her next book. ‘The Joy Journal for Grown Ups,’ which is about to launch and there’s 50 crafting ideas within the pages. It is going in the hotel on the table with my other favourites for guests to enjoy. You can take a book to your room with pleasure but please put them back in the lounge. Belleva Guest House located in Blackpool (Lancashire) on St Chads Road, offer a home from home atmosphere, for those who enjoy relaxing in a peaceful environment.

Tiffany Belle Harper

REFERENCE: The Joy Journal

Charity Balls and Raffles plus being ME – by Tiffany Belle Harper

Belleva House Blackpool on St Chads RoAd have issued some complimentary Gift Vouchers to various charities for Spring. A couple of events are this week so I hope to raise a few pennies – it’s the taking part that matters. I will keep you posted.

I received some lovely pink and white roses from my kids for Mum’s Day and I have converted the ‘once’ bar into a real soap and candle counter! It is not about making booze money. I hate being around drunks. It is about getting my time back. I now work part-time. I am soon returning to the road in my spare time, to write my new book (via same pen name) and continue my fantastic journey to enlightenment. I feel free for the first time since 2018. I will add some pics here later today or tomorrow of my new bar and gorgeous flowers, when I turn my phone on to take them.

I have shed other people’s drama and complications in favour of my own simple life, with no baggage and plenty of love. I live in a beautiful house that I have not yet enjoyed to myself. That was until yesterday when I took ownership of my own life and space. I had a jacuzzi and it was blissful. Spending over an hour self nurturing. You cannot shave your legs or (naughty) parts whilst hobbling in a shower. I am my inner Goldilocks and instead of 3 bears – I have the dogs. What more could a good woman with heart and soul want? LOL – Ha! … Muuuuuuaahh

God Bless ALL and Enjoy Spring!

ps Have made some new and gorgeous wax melts for Spring. For Me. That are like trinkets from heaven and today I am crafting my first batch of candles in Amber Jars. FOR ME TOO!

Tiffany. Xx