Charity Balls and Raffles plus being ME – by Tiffany Belle Harper

Belleva House Blackpool on St Chads RoAd have issued some complimentary Gift Vouchers to various charities for Spring. A couple of events are this week so I hope to raise a few pennies – it’s the taking part that matters. I will keep you posted.

I received some lovely pink and white roses from my kids for Mum’s Day and I have converted the ‘once’ bar into a real soap and candle counter! It is not about making booze money. I hate being around drunks. It is about getting my time back. I now work part-time. I am soon returning to the road in my spare time, to write my new book (via same pen name) and continue my fantastic journey to enlightenment. I feel free for the first time since 2018. I will add some pics here later today or tomorrow of my new bar and gorgeous flowers, when I turn my phone on to take them.

I have shed other people’s drama and complications in favour of my own simple life, with no baggage and plenty of love. I live in a beautiful house that I have not yet enjoyed to myself. That was until yesterday when I took ownership of my own life and space. I had a jacuzzi and it was blissful. Spending over an hour self nurturing. You cannot shave your legs or (naughty) parts whilst hobbling in a shower. I am my inner Goldilocks and instead of 3 bears – I have the dogs. What more could a good woman with heart and soul want? LOL – Ha! … Muuuuuuaahh

God Bless ALL and Enjoy Spring!

ps Have made some new and gorgeous wax melts for Spring. For Me. That are like trinkets from heaven and today I am crafting my first batch of candles in Amber Jars. FOR ME TOO!

Tiffany. Xx