The Joy Journal by Laura Brand – new book at Belleva House

When I feel lacklustre and come up for air with a quick social fix, one of the first people I look up for a reality check is Laura Brand via the instagram platform.

We think she is just adorable. Regardless of what is going on in the world, Author and Artist, Laura Brand, remains consistent to her crafts, family, and pets. Her posts are always so delicately put together, often with links to others of interest within the creative sector. Who are also offering good reads and inspirational past times. Laura takes time to convey her posts with gorgeously thoughtful images and video snippets, often of nature and in particular flowers.

I cannot wait for her next book. ‘The Joy Journal for Grown Ups,’ which is about to launch and there’s 50 crafting ideas within the pages. It is going in the hotel on the table with my other favourites for guests to enjoy. You can take a book to your room with pleasure but please put them back in the lounge. Belleva Guest House located in Blackpool (Lancashire) on St Chads Road, offer a home from home atmosphere, for those who enjoy relaxing in a peaceful environment.

Tiffany Belle Harper

REFERENCE: The Joy Journal