My Views on Chris Rock getting Punched (that was no slap) .. or is there a twist here ..

Have had a good think about Will Smith defending ‘Jada’ his wife. But what a lot of people may not know is that she had an affair, got found out and then told her husband it was his fault because he did not even notice. thus, Putting him on a huge guilt trip.

When Chris Rock began to tease the audience, Will Smith seemed comfortable and his body language reflected this. That was until his wife gave him the daggers for laughing at the throw away remark. Possibly prompting Will Smith to show his love and loyalty for his wife, by standing up and taking violent action towards Chris Rock.

My verdict is Will Smith is victim to a toxic wife who played off two men to gain attention towards herself. And Chris Rock should not have been on ground level and so accessible when he was about to tear people up with slapstick wit. Strange set up. Who designed the layout?

I remember years ago when a comedian at an event, ripped it out of me and my friends and we were in hysterics. He chose us ‘probably’ because he could see we were emotionally intelligent enough to handle it. After the show, he came clubbing with us and in actual fact was a real shy, decent bloke.

On the other hand you can have a comedian who uses his position to attack those who are vulnerable and unable to defend themselves. Many of us will have experienced this, and it’s is not comedy such like Chris Rock versus Hollywood superstars. This type of behaviour is sadomasochism.

So. To coin it. My opinion remains, Jada is the instigator. She needs to sort her head out and should have diffused the problem before it got out of control. Not ignited it. Megan Markle style diva behaviour is not good for any man having to live with that kind of shit. These women want the money and all the fancy clothes but don’t stand by their men. Despite the fact that often their careers thrive due to their marital association. Although, many of the bimbo’s won’t be admitting to that one. Like my son recently said, ‘women want freedom but still expect you to hold the door open. It’s about give and take.’

If you desire the ‘dillusionally fake’ fancy life, you pay the price. Nothing comes free. You stand by your man or move on and earn your own money and lifestyle. I would rather be laughed at for cleaning that be an opportunist according to someone else’s bank balance. I love unconditionally. And when I do. I mean it and he knows it. That’s trust and real love. It has nothing to do with fame or money. Love is much bigger than that.

Any person who relies on public money for their craft should take the rough with the smooth. That includes me. I could never please everyone. Fine. It is just a Guest House not a palace. I don’t really care because I know, I come from a good place and a few years ago I lost everything. I did okay. I got me a roof over my head. That’s enough. Money is about being able to stay warm, safe and well. That’s enough when you think about it. To afford the essentials. Being rich can also mean ‘rich in wisdom.’

The entire Hollywood stage show could have been ‘fixed drama’ to create ongoing publicity for The ridiculous Oscars, that. Well. Let’s face it is so out dated now. Or .. Will Smith could go on to have a massive Britney Spears episode in view of the worldwide media. Crazy Cults! To seek a life in the public eye can often mean your private world is not as fulfilling as you care to admit.

the loneliest places can often be the most crowded rooms.

Less is More.

Tiffany Belle Harper.