Full Flower Blood Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse 15th/16th May 2022 (Krystallah Codex Activations)

Deflect those who rely on you to give them a reason to attach their own negativities and insecurities at you by means of ego, jealousy and a sense of revenge. Do not fear hate. Let them rot to soil for repair without rain. For there are many good people now evolving who break the old system. The voice of the younger adult is the voice of our future. Listen to them and learn. It will never be too late. For our seeds lie in all of those wiser than the vapid current and dated, worn out system. Let go of numbers and cycles. Feel only the absolute truth. Truth is Love. Detach the insincere. Detach Ego. Detach false claims and associations. Numbers change. We change. Love is patience. Love is pure and will never judge you. It is life with no order. Respect.

Tiffany. X