Self Nurture Sunday’s

It is a you day. A me day. A beautiful day to be thankful. Travel light. Talk to birds. Thank the Universe. We are all free in spirit together, or apart. Real love is never cruel. It’s to be cherished. We are equal. No person ever owns land as it is here long after us. It’s all on loan to ego. The earth is a circle not divided.

Standing still in thought.

Remembering friends.

Think kindly of family.

Do a good deed.

Don’t seek praise.

Turn off media.

Take a walk.

Sort out a drawer.

Make something.

Listen to a new song.

Avoid drama.

Tell your favourite person how proud you are.

Take a long bath or shower.

Thank the skin you are in.

Support local.

Clear negative people.

Light a candle.

Focus on nothing.

Look out for nature’s gifts.

Tiffany. X

Birthday Week and Father’s Day. Be Kind Folks.

I decided to hide from birthdays about 10 years ago. Instead to celebrate myself quietly. This week has been just that. I have made some orb soaps using melt and pour with Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange.

I think next year we are coming off social media and removing ourselves from third party booking sites that take commission as less is more and there is a need to be true to our values. We have to evaluate whether such time is effective or sharing without true results. Sometimes it is just best to be quiet and sincere. Word of mouth. Although I hate the phone. I think direct website bookings are best for Belleva so people understand what it is about and it’s not money. We are open for four days a week. There’s no rivalry here. As long as staff and bills get paid. I am happy. Thank You!

I am so chuffed with the flowers outside. It meant a lot this year as me and Dad were always about flowers. And I am glad he went on Father’s Day as even without him, there is a celebration of his life. We all loose people we love in life. But it’s how much we miss them that defines the pain. It’s hurt. But there is always love and we have to hold life close because it is sweet. To focus on positive things and a future of contentment with ourselves. It has to start with self. The rest finds us.

Less is More.

Tiff. X

PS and happy birthday for last week to Ian’s wife who was born the day after me!

Just Some Happy Things

looked through my phone at some random pics from the last few days. The small things matter most. I think so many of us are foreboding about the situations we are in. There seems no middle class anymore.

So many people I love are struggling and hospitality is taking a hit. Money cannot buy happiness, as some of the most depressed people out there can be rich and lonely. I suppose we have to find a common ground and give back in ways we are able. Albeit time, a shoulder, a hug.

I will always wish for a universal basic income for everybody. It provides dignity. Anyway, here is a purple sweet potato that a friend gifted me, it was utterly delicious. A candle made from soy wax with wax melt left overs, using a mint sauce jar. And some fresh flowers Mum picked from the garden. This time last year Dad was near the end of his mortal life.

We are all going through something. And yes. We mess up sometimes. We have to forgive ourselves and move forward each day, as getting down in the dumps isn’t the hardest thing to succumb to at the moment for any of us, is it.

We all need to get on and be kind. Or shut up and be bitter. No point in having nasty thoughts. The world has too many. We fuel wars when our own people can’t afford heating, food and transportation. Hail the Greedy!

Tiff. X