Just Some Happy Things

looked through my phone at some random pics from the last few days. The small things matter most. I think so many of us are foreboding about the situations we are in. There seems no middle class anymore.

So many people I love are struggling and hospitality is taking a hit. Money cannot buy happiness, as some of the most depressed people out there can be rich and lonely. I suppose we have to find a common ground and give back in ways we are able. Albeit time, a shoulder, a hug.

I will always wish for a universal basic income for everybody. It provides dignity. Anyway, here is a purple sweet potato that a friend gifted me, it was utterly delicious. A candle made from soy wax with wax melt left overs, using a mint sauce jar. And some fresh flowers Mum picked from the garden. This time last year Dad was near the end of his mortal life.

We are all going through something. And yes. We mess up sometimes. We have to forgive ourselves and move forward each day, as getting down in the dumps isn’t the hardest thing to succumb to at the moment for any of us, is it.

We all need to get on and be kind. Or shut up and be bitter. No point in having nasty thoughts. The world has too many. We fuel wars when our own people can’t afford heating, food and transportation. Hail the Greedy!

Tiff. X