South Shore Blackpool family persecuted by British Passport Office.

After many weeks of trying to sort out a passport for their 14-year-old son a 400-mile round trip to Newport (wales) tomorrow is imminent for my housekeeper. Since I am unable to take her, this will cost as much as £350 by public transport.

The Passport Office repeatedly refusing to make it a matter of urgency to push through Jayden’s passport and also return his grandfather’s passport used to validate his grandson’s, who is also going to the wedding, which takes place in Spain this Sunday. It is one thing where trafficked people cannot get a passport. Nothing much to do with me. I abhor trafficking and Tony Blair, plus wife ‘Cherie’ who set all this activism up, where people could be dying stuck in hot containers. But when British Citizens cannot visit a European country to witness a wedding taking place by South Shore residents who chose Spain to celebrate. A time of joy and unity for all the family after such hardship. I get VERY angry.


Tiffany Belle Harper.