Self Nurture Sunday’s

It is a you day. A me day. A beautiful day to be thankful. Travel light. Talk to birds. Thank the Universe. We are all free in spirit together, or apart. Real love is never cruel. It’s to be cherished. We are equal. No person ever owns land as it is here long after us. It’s all on loan to ego. The earth is a circle not divided.

Standing still in thought.

Remembering friends.

Think kindly of family.

Do a good deed.

Don’t seek praise.

Turn off media.

Take a walk.

Sort out a drawer.

Make something.

Listen to a new song.

Avoid drama.

Tell your favourite person how proud you are.

Take a long bath or shower.

Thank the skin you are in.

Support local.

Clear negative people.

Light a candle.

Focus on nothing.

Look out for nature’s gifts.

Tiffany. X