For those being Bullied. You are Great, Different and Creative by Tiff

The positive thing here (although it may not feel that way during bully peaks) is that those who get bullied are mostly different and extra gifted.

Whilst those that create groups of conflict by means of gossip, lies and obsession will probably never achieve much at all – either personally, professionally or both. The more they try to isolate you, the harder you must climb. Eventually like minded people will find you and that fabulous energy you encompass. Less is More. You don’t need an army. An artist can work better alone knowing they have support if needed.

Being the target can seem heavy – but put yourself in their position. Imagine being cynical, jealous and focused on creating misery for another. The loveliest people I know came from lonely places. Be unique. Be different. Be authentic. Their abuse means you are doing something right.

Bullying always has a hive. A main source. Often a coward that instigates acts of hate behind closed doors. This person/group would probably love to be like you. Send them sympathy. Be Great.

Keep Going,

Tiff. X

Poster Source {Students Pledge to end Bullying by Education World}