Quartz Inn Hotels Grinn Awards #grinnawards2022

A few months ago I was approached by Quartz Inn Hotels who love Belleva. I thought they had mistaken my place for somewhere else? But they insisted it was Belleva and they loved the uniqueness of it. I had gone through a whirlwind of bad luck with spiteful neighbours, losing my dad and financial hurdles, so it took a while to sink in. I did initially decline as not to upset the apple cart. But was told that it was my interest and passion in getting involved with South Shore and the other side of life in Blackpool which shone through in my little place and the originality and diversity. I do have morals in sustainability but some way to go as of the cost of living.

I have always said and standby it’s the taking part that counts. And despite a small amount of the usual and expected animosity folks can expect when they do something different, I am proud to be a part of Blackpool. I shan’t be bugging anyone to get involved, as there’s some great places listed and they all deserve huge recognition. As long as I can keep Danielle in work and most of my guests happy, that’s fine. I just feel pleased to know the Grinn Team as I have nothing but respect for them and their amazing journey at Quartz Inn Hotels.

Hit the image at the bottom to vote. (Hope I am doing this right ..)

No expectations whatsoever but great to participate.

Thanks in Advance.

Tiff Xx

Pissed off with feeling like shit by Billy Pumpkin

I am Billy and I have no age but am an older street cat. I know what having nothing feels like. But I know the streets too. Wise. Loner. Roamer with a heart of passion. I have a mummy (a daddy and friends!) But it’s my mummy I love most. I was dying in a plant pot and a kind person found me and I went to this place full of love and got help. Surprised the seagulls didn’t eat me up!! I tortured a few of them along the way. We all love playing …

Each day, my new mummy came to see me in rescue and cleaned my fur when she was hugging me. I was infested with fleas that were eating all my blood. I could not even lift my head enough to drink water but they fed me with a syringe. I felt sad to leave the safe place and the lovely lady there. But when mummy put her hands out and got me I never felt so chuffed. She took me to this place. We were both crying and hugging for a long while. I fell in love. Now I am in this big room in my furever nest and I have a fluffy den thing to sleep in.

My new yard has lots of things in it to look at. My part of it has a door that keeps me warm inside. I am eating and have tried a lot of nice things. My tummy is still bad. I get hungry. Then I have to go to the toilet then I eat again. I am sneezing and I feel rough. But my mummy is looking after me all the while. She has called the vets who said to keep me warm and they are happy I am eating but it is so hard for me and mummy, as we both want to do so much more together. I like vets but not when they mess with my bottom to take my temperature.

I met these 3 dogs. They are a bit creepy … but soon, I can go into mummy’s other nest and sleep with my family. There’s guinea pigs in this gaff !! They are bigger than me. Yes. Small but fierce Billy Pumpkin is who I am. Please send me kind thoughts. I am innocent and deserve more time with this new life I found my way to.

You can fuck plant pots and digging for supper. I ain’t going there no more !! I found true love, my own patch. I look a bit weird because I have been tired for a long while. But mummy thinks I am very beautiful. In two weeks from near death I can now sit up, walk, purr and make growly noises when I eat (bit like a lion.) My goals are to run and jump again. But mummy said never out of a door or window because I am not allowed, so she is changing some areas of my patch to accommodate my adventurous side. I just want to be my best self to make my mummy happy. I like being here. And my mummy said she will not let any of you hurt me. It’s vice versa from me, mum. Be warned you dickheads, I am intelligent too and I like writing … Street Style … ‘streetie’ like my cool dad … tee-hee … my daddy. WOW !! I see you people. I done the alleys – have the zest for art. Do my own a bit.

New Experiences: Mummy. Dogs. Guinea Pigs. Comfy Bed. Cat Nip. Poached Chicken. Yummy Cat Food. Toys. True Love. New Age Music. Jazz. Cartoons. Rugs. Fresh Water. Dreamies. Being a House Cat (lion.) Funny Daddy.

Billy P. X